Nature Print Paper

How to Use:

1. Select FLAT objects you wish to print--weeds, leaves, keys, string, lace, a sliced shell, buttons, cutouts, paperclips, a black and white negative, etc.
2. Remove a sheet of paper. Pin at corners (blue side up) to a piece of corrugated cardboard for support. Lay down your objects
3. Expose to sun until blue paper turns very pale blue--about 2 minutes. Times will vary; do not overexpose.
4. After removing objects from paper, protect print from direct sun and soak in a container of plain water for about 1 minute. Dry flat. Image will sharpen during drying time. When dry, flatten under a heavy book.

✼ Make sure to store your Nature Print Paper in the paper bag + keep it out of the sunlight until you're ready to use it.

Doodle Bag Instructions

You will need: cardboard + parchment paper
1. Place a piece of cardboard inside your tote bag to prevent markers from bleeding through.
2. Draw, applying light layers of ink until desired brightness is achieved.
3. Heat set — this must be done by an adult! Set iron to cotton setting, cover the design with parchment paper + iron using a back and forth motion for a few minutes.

✼ If you do not have parchment paper on hand, a plain piece of white paper can work too.

Chalkboard Peg Doll Set

To clean: slightly wet the cleaning cloth, a damp cloth will be easier to wipe the chalk off.