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We have curated a selection of craft bundles that are perfect for gift-giving this holiday season!

Read below to find out what's in each bundle!

It's a Crafty Afternoon:

6x9" premium heavyweight construction paper, Colour Me Kids crayons, dot stickers, rainbow pony beads with rainbow satin cording, notebook, wooden ruler, pencils + a sharpener. 

Collage + Paper Craft Kit:

6x9" premium heavyweight construction paper, pompoms, Yamato starch paste, washi tape, paper punch, tissue paper circles + pipe cleaners with paper flower instructions.

Draw + Sketch:

Set of 8 bold, durable tip washable markers, Colour Me Kids crayons + a plain paper sketchbook. 

Make a Necklace:

Three different types of beads + cording. Translucent rainbow pony beads, glow in the dark tri-beads + wooden face beads. Rainbow satin rattail cord, black cotton cord + stretchy, clear elastic cording. 

Let's Paint:

8 pan pallet of Yarka semi-moist watercolours made from all natural pigments, a knob handle paint brush, a wooden handle paint brush + newsprint paper. 

Doodle Tote:

Cotton tote bag with 5 fabric markers + instructions.