Dream Pillow - hot/cold pack

tuk + milo

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Have sweet dreams with our handmade linen, lavender flax therapy pillow.

The natural weight of the Dream Pillow brings a sense of calm when it's placed on your tummy or chest. Warm it up to be extra cozy.

Natural unbleached cotton is filled with flax seeds with drops of French lavender essential oil. The removable, washable cover is sewn using a blend of linen + cotton with a waterproof lining.

Size: 15 x 7"
Machine wash + air dry the cover only. 

To use as a heat pack: place Dream Pillow in the microwave + heat in one minute increments. ** Please check the temperature before giving the bag to your child.

To use as a cold pack: keep the Dream Pillow in your freezer until you're ready to use.